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Shapinsay - the Green Heart of Orkney? Steps towards a Hydrogen Island - BIG HIT

This is a Saturday version of the workshop held earlier in the month. A soup and sandwich lunch will be provided.

The small Orkney island of a Shapinsay is a partner in the FCH JU funded 'BIG HIT' project – Building Innovative Green Hydrogen systems in an Isolated Territory – a pilot for Europe. 'BIG HIT' will see a 1MW electrolyser sited on the island and includes the opportunity to partially heat the island school using hydrogen. The rest of the hydrogen produced will be used to create replicable systems based around hydrogen powered transport, heat and power solutions within the Orkney archipelago.

This workshop is designed to inform stakeholders and others about the detail of this project and to consider the involvement of a small island (pop c 300) in such an ambitious programme.

  • What are the motivations, the aspirations and the challenges behind Shapinsay’s involvement?
  • Where might it lead?
  • Why is hydrogen set to become a key energy resource in island communities?


Nic. Thake