Event type Conference

Smart strategies and policies for sustainable shopping centres

Energy efficient and cost-competitive retrofitting solutions

Shopping centres have the potential to be energy efficient and help achieve the EU’s environmental and energy goals: they represent 28% of the total non-residential building stock.

We aim to achieve a policy shift with a higher focus on these topics in the forthcoming EU building-related directives, and to put the topic higher on the agenda at EU level.

Participants at the event will get insights into current statements on commercial buildings in national building codes and into how to frame policies for them. Features of shopping centres in the EU28 + Norway will be presented, as well as the lessons-learned and replication potential from three demonstration cases.

The importance of innovation will be highlighted, with a session on technologies improving comfort and reducing energy consumption in shopping centres to achieve EU climate goals. 



Roberto Lollini (EURAC)

Maarten De Groote (BPIE)

V. Schropfer (Architects Council of Europe)