Event type Exhibition/guided tour

Strong like the Wind- Global Wind Day 2016

On 15 June, to celebrate the Global Wind Day, ANEV is organizing a special event dedicated to wind energy held at Explora Childern Museum in Rome.

It will include a game dedicated to discover how the force of the air can move different objects in the long distance: coloured fabrics are absorbed into tubes and then released in an explosion of energy. It also presents a totem describing how powerful the wind can be and what its applications for the production of energy are, giving answers to the public’s questions - like a huge encyclopedia on wind energy.

The event is part of a two-year long agreement between ANEV and Explora, that began on 23 October 2015, aimed at educating children about environmental issues, sustainable growth and responsible progress, by discovering one of the most important and most exploited renewable source of energy in our country: wind energy.