Event type Multiformat

The sun that makes a kart race (El Sol que fa córrer un kart)

In this family workshop we will make a kart that moves using solar energy.

Solar energy from the sun is in the form of electromagnetic waves. It is a renewable energy source because it is renewed naturally at a rate faster than that at which we consume it. In addition, renewable energy sources do not carry an associated emission of greenhouse gases and usually do not generate hazardous waste.

With the help of children and young people and their families we will build a kart that can be driven by the same children who have participated in the construction process.

From a solar panel and different waste materials, they will create a structure for the machine and will join on board a simple engine that converts solar power into mechanical energy.

Workshop to build a solar vehicle. Co-organised with the Ateneo Manufacturing Digital ‘La Fábrica del Sol’.


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