Event type Multiformat

Sustainable Transitions – People and Energy Efficiency

This event highlights the need to transform the quality of conversation and action among stakeholders, knowing the impact of this for generations to come. People at the heart of sustainability lead to global innovative solutions in energy efficiency and sustainability to restore balance in relationship with nature. Through education and raising awareness that “we are in this together” is of prime importance.

In the bigger picture nation states of the world are being asked to take bold actions but it is also necessary to bring into the conversation another way of responding to the irreversible impacts of changes already underway.  Climate change is cited as a “threat multiplier” it exacerbates current challenges and threats, e.g. infectious diseases, terrorism, conflict over scarce resources, displacement, migration etc.  At a time when we are being called on to be most magnanimous, many hearts and doors are closing to those most in need.


Dr Thorston Ludwig

Anders Mavik

Jayanti Kirpalani