Event type Conference

Vehicle 2 Grid: Electric vehicles for the renewable city

Electric vehicles, local renewable energy and smart ICT systems enable cities' energy transition. The event aims to provide solutions to advance the transition, focusing on concrete city experiences and emerging innovations.

Government, businesses, knowledge centres and electricity distribution operators will demonstrate and discuss insights from implementing systems, seek partners and collaborations and debate how to realise the ambition of Europe’s cities to:

  • reduce reliance on fossil fuels;
  • optimise use of electric vehicles to support the energy infrastructure;
  • integrate energy management into Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

The conference hosts the launch event of SEEV4-City, a project co-funded by the EU North Sea Region Programme. Seven operational projects will trial the practical applications of systems that combine electric mobility, renewable energy and smart energy management. The local pilots are:

  • City of Amsterdam: Vehicle 2 Neighbourhood
  • Amsterdam Arena: Vehicle 2 Business