Event type Exhibition/guided tour

Walk in the Green City of Freiburg

• 12:00h: Welcome and introduction to Freiburg's history and Green policy.

• 12.15h: Visit to Solar Info Centre, with insights into the energy policy of the LEED-certified building and the overall sustainability policy of the green business centre.

• 12.45h: Bus tour around the Green Industry Park and presentation of the projects and energy, mobility and environmental planning concept.  

• 13.45h: Bus to Vauban.

• 14.00h: Stop at Europe's first passive house skyscrapers and insights into the energy and social renovation project “Weingarten 2020”.  

• 14:30h: Walk through Freiburg's eco-model district Vauban and solarplus-settlement.

• 16.00h: Return to city centre by bus (parking at Karlsbau).

• 16.15h: Visit to Freiburg Münster and walk around the City centre with explanations on the urban and economic development strategies of the last decades.

• 17.00h: End of the official programme.