Event type Open air event

We save energy and nature with renewable energy sources

BIOMASA is organising an event for primary school students. It takes place 6-9 June as part of EUSEW 2017.

The event will be held in the open air in the nature-Park Drienova. Renewable energy sources (RES) will be explained to children in an experiential and creative way.

Practical activities will demonstrate the different types of RES, through a programme prepared by experts that uses visual aids. Children will be able to experience the power of the wind, the electrical conductivity of fruits, the power of water pressure, the consumption of electrical appliances and much more.

Older students will receive expert lectures, and practical excursions to see a wood pellet production line and the operation of boiler rooms.

About 120 primary school students are expected to participate.

The activity is aimed at children because we believe that correct environmental education is an effective way of shaping their future relationship to nature and sustainable living.