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Why this crisis will never end (Per què aquesta crisi no s'acabarà mai)

Will oil end? Yes.

When? Soon, in fact, has already begun to run out.

And how will it impact the crisis we are experiencing? If there is oil crisis, the economic crisis will continue!

Why? Because our development system relies almost entirely on oil. If this becomes scarce or more expensive, our development will suffer.

Let us explain: the primary driver of economic growth – the engine that drives our economy – is energy. For economy to grow, it also has to power consumption and therefore production. If energy production, most of which comes from fossil fuels and oil, does not grow and becomes stagnant or begins to decrease , the economy goes into recession. The impacts of this recession are what we call "crisis".

Presentation of the book “Why this crisis will never end" and debate on the relationship between economic crisis and energy crisis. By Jordi Sole.

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