Event type Workshop

Zero Energy Buildings for the Accommodation Industry in Sicily (ZEBforAISI)

The Conference addresses sustainable solutions for tourism and hotel buildings, particularly in areas with a large touristic demand.

The coming years will see a sharp increase in the market uptake of highly efficient buildings supplied by renewable energy throughout Europe: by 2020, all new buildings must be nearly-zero energy buildings (nZEB). For public buildings this will already be the case by 2018. According to the ‘European buildings directive’, nZEB has a very high energy performance, where only a low amount of energy is required, because it is covered to a significant extent by energy from renewable sources.

Agrigento has a strategic position: it is the hub of ancient culture and it is characterised by its strong renewable energy power (sun and wind), ensuring clean energy production. It is a witness of the need to satisfy the accommodation of tourists without high energy costs.


Francesco Paolo Lamacchia