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Zero Energy Buildings and Hotels for the Accomodation Industry in the Aegean Sea’s Islands (ZEB&HforAIASI)

The conference addresses how to develop individual best sustainable solutions for the tourism and hotel buildings sector, particularly in areas where a strong tourism demand and need for hotels is expected.

The coming years will see a sharp increase throughout Europe in the market uptake of highly efficient buildings supplied by renewable energy: by 2020, all new buildings must be nearly-zero energy buildings (by 2018 for new public buildings). 

The invited speakers have conceived a holistic approach for a real case or pilot project of a hotel. This hotel uses the resort formula and showcases technologies and innovations supporting environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and electricity storage, through tools that are particularly interesting and applicable to hotels.

This approach is particularly applicable to Corfù Island as it is a location that needs to satisfy demand for tourist accommodation without incurring high energy costs.


Francesco Paolo Lamacchia