Event type Conference

Zero Energy Buildings for the Mediterranean Area (ZEBforMED)

Edifici a Energia Zero nei paesi del Mediterraneo

In the coming months, the construction world will see a significant increase in nearly zero energy buildings (nZEBs).

This seminar, organised by the professional associations in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies (ITAE) and the first National Network for Zero-Consumption Buildings, will address the theme of nZEB and PlusEnergy houses. It will consider technologies and development models, and political and practical examples, especially for the area relating to the whole Mediterranean basin.

This introductory seminar on the theme of energy performance in the construction industry is aimed at all professionals from the Orders/Colleges of the Province of Messina. It will help professional technicians understand the meaning, significance, tax legislation and technical and practical training related to innovative and sustainable ZEB or nZEB in Italy.


Please see the attached programme for the Italian version.


Ing. Salvatore Freni

Ph.D., Ing. Francesco Paolo Lamacchia