Event type Conference

Zero Energy Hotels for the Accommodation Industry in Apulia Region (ZEHforAR)- Hotel a Zero Energia per il Settore dell'Ospitalità in Puglia

The Conference will focus on the ‘Best Sustainable Solution for Tourism and Hotel Buildings Sector’, particularly on those areas where a huge touristic demand for hotels is expected.

The discussion among speakers and audience aims to lead to a municipal and regional policy that enhances the transition towards sustainable tourism. It will also suggest some improvements to accommodate potential visitors, through nZEB and ZEB approaches.

To achieve this goal, speakers have made use of their architectural and engineering background to present, in a holistic approach, a real case or pilot project of a hotel in the resort formula. It will showcase technologies and innovations supporting environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and electricity storage - topics particularly interesting for hotels.



Ph.D. Ing. Francesco Paolo Lamacchia