Engaging stakeholders around energy grid projects — become the architect of your own campaign

Achieving an Energy Union requires committed action at all levels of society and a robust framework to ensure that we collectively deliver on our goals.

Grid infrastructure is one of the building blocks of the energy transition. However, many project promoters have met with local opposition. While it is essential that local concerns are taken on board in a transparent process, Transmission System Operators and other stakeholders (including the Commission) have identified an overall lack of awareness and understanding by the population of the need for and the benefits of these projects.

Project promoters in different Member States face similar challenges in communicating their messages to local stakeholders or engaging citizens in productive exchange. Increased transparency is essential in helping citizens and other stakeholders see a project’s added value and its benefits for them, locally or through a positive impact on energy bills. By increasing the quality and level of communication between affected parties, including local populations, we can help people accept a modernised grid.

We need to explore and exploit new communication models. The media landscape is constantly changing: audiences are blurring and we are moving into a world of business-to-human communications. To build effective communications in this changing landscape, we need to become campaign architects.

Animated by Hill+Knowlton Strategies, this unique session gives you the essential tools to become your own campaign architect and get the best out of the people around you, the tools of your trade and the environment in which you find yourself.

You can learn how to move forward with more inclusive campaigns that transcend stereotypes and create meaningful connections with consumers. We challenge you to think unconventionally and strategically about the industry's shortcomings, and drive discussion that will produce solutions.


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