European financing for the Energy Union

This session aims to provide an overview of different sources of financing for the Energy Union priorities, including ESIF and EFSI. The European Commission services will remind the audience of the role of Cohesion Policy in delivering the Energy Union, along with the procedures and synergies and different instruments at the disposal of the Member States, and will present new initiatives specifically for clean energy.

In the field of financing sustainable energy investments, EIB has an important role to play. It will therefore contribute on the Investment Plan for Europe.

The programme is as follows:

1. Cohesion Policy funds for clean energy investments, DG REGIO – 15 minutes

2. New specific initiatives for clean energy:

  • Smart specialisation for energy – Javier Gómez Pietro, DG JRC – 5 minutes
  • EU islands initiative – Brendan Devlin, DG ENER – 5 minutes
  • Smart finance for smart buildings - Timothée Noël, DG ENER – 5 minutes
  • Energy storage: the role of electricity – Jyri Ylkanen, DG ENER – 5 minutes

3. Putting the Investment Plan for Europe into action – Pierre-Emmanuel Noël, EIB – 15 minutes

4. Energy and managing authorities on the ground – the Spanish example – Francisco Tovar Rodriguez, Ministry of Finance and Public Administration – 15 minutes

5. Q&A/Discussion – 25 minutes


Moderator: Tudor Constantinescu, DG ENER