Free flow of energy data — empowering consumers and improving network management

The objective of the event is to discuss the barriers and solutions for accessing the energy service market, starting with data generated by smart meters and by the grid itself.

The discussion will be guided towards identification of solutions for achieving a free flow of energy data:

  • how consumers (and parties designated by consumers) and other smart grid stakeholders (energy service providers) can access commercial data in an easy format, independent of their geographical location and supplier contract
  • how system operators can use the smart meter and beyond the meter data to improve the grid management (outage management, volt/VAR optimization to increase grid efficiency and reduce losses), thus reaching energy efficiency and CO2 reduction targets laid out by the Commission

The event will generate valuable input for the discussion about a common data format and data management as included in the Electricity Directive.

This topic is very important for the involvement and engagement of consumers in the new energy economy that will heavily depend on dynamic generation by sustainable resources. Consumers need data to take informed decisions (e.g. on energy efficiency or on the best renewable source to use) and energy service providers need data to offer new services such as demand side flexibility aggregation and management.



  • the ideas and expectations of the EU commission
  • the barriers that exist in reaching this free flow of energy data and
  • the possible solutions for these barriers to be overcome to bring value for consumers and for system operators in grid management optimization.


Different viewpoints from both the public institutions' side (European Commission and Parliament, national regulators) and from the private side (technology industry as well as commercial, industrial and residential users) will be presented and discussed.


EU Policy Director
bne - Association of Energy Market Innovators
ESMIG President and Chief Commercial Officer at General Electric Power Digital
Head of Unit Smart Mobility and Living, DG Connect
European Commission
T&D Europe Smart Grids & Micro Grids WG Chairman and Energy BU CTO Schneider Electric
Seconded National Expert
Energy Expert at FEBELIEC and Demand Response Expert at IFIEC Europe
Advisor to the CEO of EDP Distribuição and Chairman of EDSO for Smart Grids