IEA bioenergy roadmap 2017

Bioenergy plays a key role in the EU renewables policies as it is the largest contributor of all renewable energy sources, providing over 60 % of renewable energy. The role of bioenergy is a key element in the European Commission's proposal for the new renewable energy directive (RED II) under the Winter Package of last November. New sustainability criteria have been proposed for bioenergy (in addition to biofuels and bioliquids) in RED II as well as a new market regime for biofuels (the obligation moves from Member States to market operators). Thus the overall targets are of importance.

IEA RED runs its own models and their results will be compared to the analysis carried out by the Commission's services. The Commission is supporting IEA RED in the development of the new bioenergy roadmap for 2017.
The session aims to discuss with stakeholders and policymakers the preliminary results of the work. It includes a short presentation on bioenergy in RED II, a presentation from the sub-group on advanced biofuels (SGAB) and a presentation of the IEA Bioenergy Roadmap 2017. These are followed by a panel discussion with representatives from DG ENER, DG CLIMA, the European Parliament, the IEA Reneawable Energy Division and the biomass and bioenergy industry, followed by a Q&A.

The event is part of a bigger process that concerns the role of bioenergy in meeting the climate change objectives of the EU and beyond. The roadmap will be published officially by IEA RED by summer 2017.


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