Innovative clean energy — local level transition in Northern Europe

Panel discussion on the work of local government in delivering clean energy supply, including low emission, energy efficient and renewable projects for public services - community energy, district heating, ICT, and mobility.

Expert panellists will showcase and compare examples of local authority projects for clean energy that support the EU 2020 and 2030 climate and energy targets and the objectives of the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package, particularly in renewables and energy efficiency. The session will include opening statements from the Commitee of the Regions and European Commission.

This event is supported by the national local government associations of Finland, Iceland, Norway, Scotland and Sweden who work closely together in the House of Municipalities, Brussels where our European umbrella the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) also resides. Together we represent over 1,000 municipalities working to support sustainable energy solutions in new and innovative ways - whether that be testing new solutions in transport, looking at alternative fuel sources or connecting rural and peripheral areas. Our EUSEW activity will demonstrate the leadership of local government in the field of climate action and role in facilitating access to affordable clean energy, to supply and empower local communities. 


European Committee of the Regions
Deputy Head Climate Commissioner Canete’s Cabinet
European Commission
Department of climate, cultural affairs and business development
City of Bergen
Cleantech Östergötland (in cooperation with Region Östergötland)
Expert, Energy Engineer (M.Sc.)
Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities