This year’s Networking Village programme is complemented by the Sparknews team hosting the SparkShow – an innovative game-style debate where a panel of five journalists quiz project representatives after a three-minute project pitch.

A total of eight entrepreneurs coming from all Europe will share their solutions for sustainable energy in a three-minute pitch. If you wonder how indoor air can be cleaned with eco-innovative material, or how 1.2 billion people can store medicine in an fridge without having access to electricity, or how Big Data can improve energy consumption, or how new electric cars can cover very long distance, this Sparkshow is for you ! You will probably also learn how we can reduce carbon footprint coming from cargo shipping, how we can clean solar panels to improve their efficiency and how Spanish pigs can help sustainable agriculture (true story !).

Journalists will give to the project entrepreneurs advice on their pitch and explain why they want to cover their story (if they do!).  One unique opportunity to dive into the journalist brains!

Register for this original session and join us on 21 June, at 4.00 pm to discover these amazing entrepreneurs!

You can also follow us on @sparknews #Sparkshow