Rpbert Kaukewitsch
Green Public Procurement Policy officer - DG ENV B1 – Sustainable Production, Products & Consumption
European Commission
Director of Renewable Energy Department
Ministry of Energy of Poland
European Parliament
How can multiple businesses collaborate in energy R&D? A model for success
Judit Kimpian
Chair of the Architects Council of Europe’s Sustainability Group
Architects Council of Europe
Chief Counsellor
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland
Chairman of Board of Directors
Leader – Volvo Group governance structure for alternative fuels, energy and climate related issues
Volvo Group
Member of the Board of Directors
Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A. (HEDNO)
Lutz Köppen
Policy officer - DG GROW C1 – Clean Technology and Products
European Commission
MEP, Rapporteur on Electricity Regulation and Directive
EPP Group
Decarbonising the marine sector to contribute to the EU Sustainable Energy Agenda
Senior Researcher
Piraeus University Applied Science - Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection Laboratory
Matti Kuittinen
Senior Architect, Department of the Built Environment
Ministry of the Environment, Finland
Senior Expert on Bioenergy and Biobased Economy
Netherlands Enterprise Agency