Climate Change Director
Institute for Air-Handling and Refrigeration (ILK Dresden)
Seconded National Expert
Member Board of Directors
Head of the Thermal Energy and Building Performance research group at IREC
Catalonia Institute for Energy Research
Moving towards energy positive districts – experience from Schneider Electric
Policy officer DG CONECT-H2
European Commission DG CONECT
Team Leader Smart Grids
European Commission DG ENER
Team Leader Smart Grids
European Commission. DG ENER
Team Leader Smart Grids, DG ENERGY
European Commission
Technical Lead of Energy Sector
Atos Research & Innovation
Member of the European Parliament
European Parliament
Domenico Santino
Head of the Service on Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector
Policy Officer
Directorate-General for Climate Action / European Commission
Policy Officer - Finance for Low Carbon Innovation
European Commision - DG CLIMA
Co-founder, CEO and Managing Director
SET Ventures
General Administrator
National Office of Pensions (ONP)
Head of Unit
DG Environment
Leader for Energy Transition & New Energy Business Models
Deputy Head Climate Commissioner Canete’s Cabinet
European Commission
Deputy Head of Climate Action and Energy Commissioner Cañete’s Cabinet
European Commission
Senior expert, Unit G3 - Renewable Energy Sources
DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
Head of R&D
Verbio AG
Head of Energy Center
Urban Innovation Vienna
Manager and Energy Adviser
Ærø Energi- og Miljøkontor
Christian Schnell
Vice President
Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers of the Energy Sector ZPPSE
University of Liechtenstein
Head of Public Affairs
Swisscom Energy Solutions/Tiko
Executive Secretary
CPMR Islands Commission
Vice-President for Energy Union
European Commission
EP Tender – range extending as a service, for travel peace of mind
Research Programme Manager
DG Research and Innovation
Masdar Institute, Khalifa University
Chair of NEON, Chief Ombudsman
Ombudsman Services The Brew House
Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and Head of Mission for the European Union
Practice Manager
The World Bank
Senior Expert
Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Director - Energy
DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
Chairman Smart Living Group
Marco Signa
Chairman of Working Group Smart Living
Secretary General
AMI - Spanish Maintenance and Energy Services Companies Association
Head of Unit Networks & Regional Initiatives
Europeab Commission
Lead Energy Specialist
The World Bank
Policy Analyst
European Commission - DG REGIO
Group Manager - City Energy & H2020 Ruggedised
Glasgow City Council
Director of Public Affairs & Business Development
Atlantis Resources
Director of Public Affairs and Business Development
Atlantis Resources Limited
Recycling & waste manager
Imperbel NV. / Derbigum
Head of Division ‘Infrastructure, New Products and Special Transactions’
European Investment Bank
Director Open Arena Energy
Johanneberg Science Park
Professor of Energy Policy, Director of the Sussex Energy Group, Director of the Center on Innovation and Energy Demand
Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the School of Business, Management, and Economics,University of Sussex
Managing partner
Baumschlager Eberle Architekten
Senior Economic Officer
The European Consumer Organisation - BEUC
EU Advisor for Climate and Energy
Oslo Region European Office
Project Officer
European Commission, INEA
European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET)
Božena Stašenková
Vice-President European Consumer Union/President of the Association of Consumer Organisations in Slovakia
Director of Business Development
Carbon Recycling International
Marine Standards Advisor
Stena Rederi AB
Senior Researcher
Technical University of Denmark
Energy Attaché
Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU
Programme Manager
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
Head of Unit New Energy Technologies and Innovation
Directorate General for Energy, European Commission
Head of Unit C.2 - New energy technologies, innovation and clean coal, DG Energy
European Commission
Joule Assets Europe
Senior Researcher
International Relations Officer / Regional Representative in Brussels / Deputy Ambassador of Brno City Ecosystem NEGL
Representation of the South Moravian Region to the EU
Project Manager
Ecopower cvba
Project Manager
Ecopower cvba
German National Contact Point for Energy in Horizon 2020
German Programme Management Agency