Sustainable aviation today and tomorrow

The aviation sector is continually searching for ways to reduce its environmental impact. Based on a four-pillar strategy addressing technology, infrastructure, operations and a global market based measure to reduce emissions, the sector has committed to carbon-neutral growth as from 2020, as well as improved fuel efficiency of the world fleet by an average 1,5% per annum. Sustainable energy is indispensable in reaching these goals. In addition to the use of sustainable alternative fuels, the aviation sector is actively developing alternatives in all stages of operation. In its efforts, the aviation community is striving to adopt a systemic appraoch by working towards economic, social and environmental sustainability via a multitude of sustainable energy uses. 

This panel, consisting of high-level speakers from airports, airlines and aircraft manufacturers, will discuss success stories and breakthrough technologies for a more sustainable aviation. In addition to discussing the opportunities for sustainable jet fuel, the panel will demonstrate how an ever-increasing number of carbon-neutral airports successfully operate; what innovations are leading to dramatic emissions reductions both during production and recycling of aircraft; how electrification opens up new possibilities for green taxiing today and cruising tomorrow; and how smart operational improvements show that many small reductions are leading to a significant whole. Participants are invited to contribute to the debate on the efforts done and the remaining obstacles to a climate-friendly aviation sector fully relying on sustainable energy.


Electric Taxiing VP
Programme Manager Corporate Responsibility
Royal Schiphol Group
Vice President Environmental Issues
Manager, Biofuel Deployment Project, Aviation Environment