Ursula Hillbrand is a participatory facilitator, process designer and trainer in the European Commission. She holds a law degree and has worked since 1995 in different policy areas, currently in corporate and performance management at the Secretariat General.  She has applied Participatory Leadership and the Art of Hosting conversations as a pioneer in her multicultural work environment and designs and supports participatory processes and events in many departments and also helps with start-ups of Communities of practice.

She regularly gives workshops in Art of Hosting and Communities of practice in the EU institutions. She recently co-authored in Nauen, C.E. and U. Hillbrand, 2014. Underpinning Conflict Prevention by International Cooperation. Chapter 12, 157-174 In: M. Galluccio (ed.). Handbook of International Negotiation. Interpersonal, Intercultural and Diplomatic Perspectives. Springer, New York. 


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