Active consumer – Vulnerable consumer

The Clean Energy for all Europeans package rightly emphasises the need to put consumers at the centre of the energy system. Consumers need to be better informed and have more choices; and for consumers to be more active and access all markets, dynamic prices are needed.

However, more than 50 million of EU households are considered energy poor or vulnerable. They rightly expect new legislation to protect them. Some argue regulated prices are the solution to address energy poverty. Others argue that regulation discourages engagement in the energy market and prevents the rise of active consumers. Alongside the debate on regulation, there is also a growing recognition of the benefits of providing additional support to vulnerable consumers to enable them to understand their energy use, change their energy-related behaviour and fully engage in energy markets.

Are measures for active consumers, negative for vulnerable consumers? What other ways can vulnerable consumers be supported to save energy and engage in the energy market?  Is the newly established EU energy poverty observatory a good step on the EU fight against energy poverty? What are the provisions for active and for vulnerable consumers in the new package? What should be emphasized in addition?

The session will highlight some of the insight and experiences of practitioners delivering on the ground support to vulnerable energy consumers, before leading into a wider panel discussion including representatives from the industry, to consumer organisations, policy makers and researchers.


European Parliament
Policy Coordinator
European Commission
Senior Policy Researcher
Citizens Advice
Speaker - SMART UP Project
Innovation and Development, AISFOR
Speaker - REACH Project
Executive Director, DOOR
Professor of Economic Policy
Università Cattolica in Milan
Strategy & Communications Manager