Adam Brown

Dr. Adam Brown is an independent consultant with more than 36 years of working with government and business on renewable energy and with a special interest in bioenergy. He is well versed in the technical, commercial, policy and regulatory issues surrounding their development and deployment. He has an up-to-date international perspective on issues affecting the sector globally, most recently through his work for the IEA where he has been responsible for assessment and analysis of renewable energy policy best practice as well leading on bioenergy. He was the lead author for an overall review of renewable energy policy effectiveness, covering electricity, heat and transport fuels (Deploying Renewables 2011) and led the production of the IEA Roadmaps on Biofuels for Transport (2011) and Bioenergy for Heat and Power (2012), and a review of renewable energy for heat (Heating without Global Warming) (2014) as well as many other projects. Previously he was the Technical Coordinator for the IEA Bioenergy Agreement. He has extensive project and team management experience gained through leading roles in large scale projects in the UK and internationally. He is an experienced speaker at international conferences and workshops.


Charlemagne Thursday 22 June11.00 - 12.30