Addressing skills shortage in the transformation of the energy system

A skilled workforce is essential for the success of the energy transition and the furtherance of the sustainable energy system of the future. And yet, shortage of skills is one of the most signalled concerns in industry and among public institutions. Addressing this inadequacy is a priority for all energy stakeholders and a cross-cutting matter: energy education should tackle all key dimensions of the energy mix, and the many diverse professional profiles working directly on energy matters. New approaches in contents and formats are necessary; new technological advancements provide an excellent opportunity to bring them to life.

This session aims at fostering discussion, exchange of experiences and lessons learnt, as well as plans for the future in the field of energy education among all attendants. It has also the specific interest of giving energy industry stakeholders a space to express their vision and needs concerning the shortage of skills in their specific sectors. Likewise, the event will present the latest advancements and findings of several innovative educational initiatives being implemented, by InnoEnergy and other relevant actors.