Advanced Manufacturing for Sustainable Energy in Harsh Environments (ADMA Energy)


LogoScottish Enterprise and Scotland Europa, alongside our partners in the Vanguard Initiative (VI) will host this stand to showcase the ADMA Energy pilot project. ADMA Energy brings several European regions together to accelerate new cross-border projects in marine renewable energy and subsea sectors, to increase the competitiveness of wave and tidal technologies, streamline and innovate in offshore wind, and create opportunities to transfer knowledge across the offshore industries.

A Vanguard partnership, ADMA Energy partners also cooperate around the smart specialisation methodology to overcome industrial, financial, technical and regulatory challenges to applying new technologies and advanced manufacturing processes to marine renewable energy; helping to drive the EU's ambitions to decarbonise our energy supply through addressing the challenges to offshore renewables' deployment and commercialisation.  This stand consists of our regional energy clusters and business associations interacting on a personal basis with participants – we will engage participants through an interactive quiz; show videos of wave and tidal projects, and – with the help of exhibits – participants will learn about projects like NeSSIE, which will showcase how smart regional collaboration combats offshore corrosion.

Visit our stand to learn about:

  • smart regional collaboration in offshore energy
  • marine renewable energy
  • decarbonisation
  • combatting offshore corrosion
  • offshore sensing and condition monitoring