ADVANCEFUEL: Removing barriers to sustainable transport fuels - Greenovate Europe

ADVANCEFUEL is an EU-funded project looking to identify barriers to the uptake of sustainable transport fuels (advanced biofuels and other renewable liquid fuels) and develop tools and recommendations to enable these barriers to be overcome. To validate the results of the project and ensure their successful uptake, ADVANCEFUEL is engaging stakeholders from the entire value chains of renewable and advanced transport fuels. At the ADVANCEFUEL stall, you will be able to discover more about the project, discuss with our experts, and share your views on the project’s work.

In particular, you will be invited to contribute to shaping our knowledge of the main barriers to market uptake of advanced biofuels, and give your opinion on standardisation policies. In order to share your voice, short online polls will also be conducted via the @ADVANCEFUEL Twitter account during the whole duration of the event, and results will be displayed at the stall. To find out more about the project, you can visit