Ansgar Kiene

Ansgar Kiene is Climate/ Energy Policy Advisor with the Greenpeace EU Unit and aims to foreground the correlation of environmental protection and sustainable development with a focus on environmentally sound & socially just energy solutions.

Prior he has been responsible for the World Future Council Climate and Energy Africa Programme based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ansgar also served as Secretary General of the African Renewable Energy Alliance.

After graduating with a degree in marketing in 1995, Ansgar Kiene worked for 8 years as Senior International Media Manager in Germany and the UK developing communication campaigns for leading brands in the consumer and B2B field. For the past 11 years Mr. Kiene has been responsible for strategising and coordinating international campaigns for human rights and environmental organisations in the Non Profit Sector.

"At Greenpeace, we are challenging the current power systems that are rapidly destructing our planet. By protecting the environment we are championing human rights, and fighting for the future of humanity. Because just societies need equitable energy, I am passionate about advocating environmentally sound and socially just renewable energy solutions. I believe that with our bold and independent approach we will strengthen the global movement and realise our shared vision to change the world."


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