Architecture — towards a step change in building performance

The architecture of a building has a major impact on building performance outcomes. A building’s relationship to its site, its form, materiality, and functionality are critical to minimising the energy and natural resources needed to create a healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environment for occupants. Architects create bespoke designs integrating structural, technical, spatial and material solutions for each project that balance the passive and active measures required to control indoor environments that meet the long term needs of occupants.

In the context of the on-going revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), this Panel Discussion aims to debate and shed light on:

   - the architectural determinants of building performance and the role of architecture in creating a step-change in the uptake of energy efficiency measures;

   - the four pillars of building performance: resource efficiency; indoor environmental quality;  occupant satisfaction; value.

   - the imperative to consider building performance in a broader and more holistic perspective, so as to account for the non-energy benefits of better performing buildings;

   - the feasibility of requiring systematic feedback on the achieved performance of buildings in operation / the validation of buildings performance in use;

   - implications for EU energy legislation and financial incentives.

The event addresses policy-makers, experts from the EU institutions, stakeholders from the construction industry, innovation and research centres, academics and all those with interest in building performance.