ASSIST - Support Network for Household Energy Saving - is an European project funded by the European Commission under the H2020 programme. It aims at fighting energy poverty through a two-way approach by actively engaging consumers in the energy market and generating a positive change of behaviour in relation to energy consumption and to influencing the design of energy poverty-oriented policies.

Addressing both energy and social issues, ASSIST intends to contribute to tackling the main barriers of the energy market faced by vulnerable consumers with special focus on energy poor. The project aims to create a network of Home Energy Advisors (HEA) to tackle energy poverty, bringing together social and energy stakeholders in the fight against this complex issue, while supporting vulnerable consumers in their domestic energy consumption and empowering them to become actively engaged in the energy market.

Started in May 2017, ASSIST foresees the development of several activities over a 3 year period in 6 countries: Italy, Spain, UK, Poland, Belgium and Finland. In the first half of the project lifetime, an in depth analysis on energy poverty has been carried out including a market survey on consumers, analysis of initiatives carried out, financial measures available, definition and possible actions to tackle energy poverty, qualification scheme of the HEA in terms of competencies and knowledge and a draft copy of a European framework paper. All results are available on the website