Sophie Attali

Sophie Attali champions the use of energy efficient electrical appliances, working with consumers, manufacturers and policymakers to bring change to the market.

Sophie works as Director of Guide Topten in France, providing detailed, impartial information on the energy efficiency of different electrical appliances which is accessible to all online. Thanks to this information sharing, consumers are able to more easily navigate the wide range of products on the market and make informed purchasing decisions.

“My goal is to help people understand their needs, choose the least energy intensive products and to use them correctly,” she says.  “I also work to make sure that manufacturers take the environment into account when designing and producing goods.”

As well as working with manufacturers, much of Sophie’s time is spent trying to persuade public authorities and policy makers that energy efficiency should be a top priority. This work is not always easy, due to limited funding and a lack of support from some manufacturers and retailers, but Sophie is determined to raise awareness of the need to use electricity as efficiently as possible.

Sophie also coordinates the international network of Topten sites, all working to reduce energy consumption and directly reaching 1.5 million people – an audience that, with the right information can change how electrical appliances are designed, manufactured and used.

Working for energy efficiency

Sophie grew up in family that prioritised protecting nature and social responsibility – values that have guided her career.

After studying political science and diplomacy, she completed an internship at the former French Energy Agency and then worked at a small energy consulting firm. These early experiences gave her an insight into global energy issues and convinced her of the urgent need to reduce consumption. This was complemented by a desire to help people make changes in as practical a way as possible.

“It enabled me to work at an international level, and I loved the idea of doing something useful,” she says.”

Moving towards an energy-efficient future

Today, reducing energy demand, through energy sufficiency and energy, says Sophie, has never been more urgent and, for her, it must be at the heart of any green recovery.

“Now is the time to make courageous decisions,” she says. “I feel positive, because younger generations are more tenacious and confident in knowing what the right thing to do is.”

Sophie Attali is one of 3 women recognised in the Women in Energy category of the EU Sustainable Energy Awards 2020 for their commitment to push energy efficiency into the mainstream, as well engage and empower citizens to play their part in the clean energy transition. The Awards honour outstanding individuals and projects for their innovation in the sustainable energy sector.

The Awards are part of EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), which will take place from 22-26 June 2020 under the theme: ‘Beyond the crisis: clean energy for green recovery and growth’. This year, participants will enjoy an online, interactive event experience. Highlights include a 3-day policy conference featuring a high-level opening session, the EUSEW Awards, networking activities and side events for participants as well as Energy Days, digital events taking place all over Europe. For the first time, a European Youth Energy Day will be organised on 22 June.