Batteries' role in energy transition


  • Power system's needs for battery-based storage in view of 2030 targets for renewable energy.
  • Link to the Battery Initiative: for batteries to bring the most in terms of energy transition, they need to be sustainably produced, last long and have high round-trip efficiency.
  • Brief overview of EU's contribution to batteries’ deployment: in recent and ongoing smart grid and storage projects, batteries were tested at different scales in different innovative ways to furnish virtually all types of services to renewable generation, conventional generation, transmission grids, distribution grids and customers.

Experiences from 3 “Lighthouse” projects:

-        TILOS – Hybrid renewable power plant with battery storage on an island

-        INTERFLEX – shared batteries storage for collective self-consumption of sun energy; electric vehicle batteries & smart charging

-        NETFFICIENT –2nd life EV batteries for self-consumption of sun energy by households and reaping benefits from ancillary markets. Street lighting based on PVs+batteries