BIGHIT: Building Innovative Green Hydrogen systems in an Isolated Territory


BIGHIT is creating an exemplar Hydrogen Energy System in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. This EU funded Building Innovative Green Hydrogen systems in an Isolated Territory (BIGHIT) project shows the importance of partnerships across Europe. BIGHIT is realising the opportunities for hydrogen and fuel cells to maximise the benefits of local renewables, add value and socio-economic impact, and deliver the energy transition to low carbon systems.

BIGHIT demonstrates practical production and distribution of hydrogen in remote territories for integration of variable renewable energy such as wind and tidal into the local energy system and use for low carbon transport, power and heating.

The BIGHIT project has been recognised as one of the leading ‘Hydrogen Valleys’ projects. BIGHIT will be of particular interest to regions and organisations with locally constrained or under-exploited renewable energy sources, and looking to deploy similar hydrogen energy systems and technologies.

BIGHIT is now developing the new Hydrogen Territories Platform (HTP) which will show how other islands and regions throughout Europe and more widely can successfully replicate deployment and exploitation of green hydrogen energy systems in their own territories. HTP is now open to all islands and region with interest in deploying similar hydrogen technologies.


Chief Executive
Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association