Biomass plant in Slovakia shows how businesses are behind change

Biomass plant in Slovakia shows how businesses are behind change

Businesses, with their drive and innovative ideas are key motors of the renewable and sustainable energy transition. Today, the transition is packed with renewable and sustainable energy enterprises, helping to push traditional, fossil-fuelled energy industries out of the energy mix.

One example is SINBIO – winners of last year’s EU Sustainable Energy Awards in the Businesses category. The SINBIO facility, located 2 km outside of Trebišov, a town with a population of around 23 000 in the eastern part of Slovakia, takes agricultural waste in the form of straw, hay and woody material from the surrounding countryside and turns it into renewable heating for homes. 

Boosting energy efficiency, creating jobs

SINBIO has helped boost the town’s renewable energy use significantly, cutting its carbon emissions by over 6 000 tonnes per year. The facility replaces 90% of the gas fuel previously used for heating the homes of Trebišov and has allowed for the closure of seven obsolete gas boiler plants located in the town’s region. 

“We have long been developing the idea of an ecological way of heating and we will try to contribute to the energy sustainability for the future.”

SINBIO also installed 8 km of new heat distribution pipes, replacing the original fragmented gas piping systems. The new pipes have boosted energy efficiency by reducing heat supply losses by 25%. Further benefits of the young business include new local jobs, cheaper heat for locals and a role for local farmers in this largely agricultural region. On areas of their land that can’t be used for crop agriculture, farmers have been encouraged to grow fast-growing woody plants that can be harvested and used to fuel the biomass plant. Many of these areas surround the biomass facility, framing it in green.

Using smart technology to integrate wind and energy

Other projects shortlisted last year for the EU Sustainable Energy Week awards in the business category were the Belgium-based energy company, Eandis, with a project testing smart technologies that integrate wind energy into the grid more smoothly, manage networks more efficiently and improve the balance between energy supply and demand. Another runner-up was Sonae Sierra – a Portuguese property company working on making shopping centres more energy efficient via energy audits and closely monitoring change.

Businesses leading the energy transition @EUSEW18

See some inspiring examples up for recognition at this year’s EU Sustainable Energy Awards at EUSEW  from 4-8 June 2018. The winners will be unveiled on Tuesday, 5 June at the EUSEW Policy Conference in Brussels and follow the thematic sessions:

5 June
Innovation for a clean energy transition

6 June
Energy efficiency/management in industry and SMEs leading to more implementation of measures

7 June
Unlocking the potential of energy efficiency for industry