Blue Energy: a sustainable energy resource for the MED area

The MAESTRALE Project (Interreg MED) at the EUSEW 2019 Energy Fair 

The sustainable use of marine energies is one of the most promising frontiers of blue growth development in Europe. At the EUSEW Energy Fair, the Interreg MED Maestrale project will show how many ways of exploitation of marine energy are feasible in the Mediterranean basin.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the 7 most advanced Blue Energy technologies explored by the Maestrale project; a running video will show these technologies at work on several energy plants in Europe. Visitors will also have the chance of compiling a questionnaire on Blue Energies to test their knowledge, deepen the topic with the Maestrale team and get an overview of the 20 pilot initiatives realized by Maestrale in 8 European countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Greece).

Interested people willing to know more about the marine energy potential in the Mediterranean will be introduced to the Maestrale Geodatabase, a web application which aggregates real time data on marine currents, waves, winds, tides, temperature, etc., as well as the localization of existing BE plants in the Med area.