Breaking down the barriers between local action and European policies

This event will discuss the interactions and mutual enrichment between local action for the energy transition in rural areas and European policies. Rural territories are resilient when it comes to facing local challenges and adapting to a changing environment through the development of innovative local solutions. However, these territories often have access to small means from the EU, either because the European tools are not adapted to rural areas, or because rural stakeholders are not aware of the existence of these tools. On the other hand, European institutions are asking for feedbacks from these territories to build future policies and allocate the budget. It is a two-ways dialogue that is difficult to settle while both approaches, bottom-up and top-down are sharing common goals. This connection is a real challenge that would benefit to both sides, that are currently suffering from a deteriorated trust in the EU institutions for rural territories, and a limited impact of European policies in these territories. This event is a panel discussion questionning ways to break down the barriers between local action and EU policies, and boost the energy transition.

The discussion will be moderated by RURENER, European network of rural territories committed to the energy transition. Indeed, RURENER's mission of promoting territorial initiatives, sharing of good practices and cooperation accross Europe puts the network at the interface between local action and European policies. The two co-organizers of this event are the municipality of Avià (Catalunya), and the Regione Piedmonte (Italy). They will enrich the discussion with their experiences and perspectives, not forgetting to mention the added-value of cooperation at the EU or international level. Avià comprehensive approach and the Piedmont Region's project CESBA Alps will give the discussion a pragmatic dimension and present successful ingredients to combine top-down and bottom-up approaches. 


European Coordinator
Avià municipality
European Projects Officer
Regione Piedmonte
Vice-Président Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Waste and Forest Management
Association of Communities Monts du Lyonnais
President and Managing Director
FEDARENE and REGEA – North West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (HR)