Build a better world with LIFE

Europe’s transition to a low-carbon and circular economy will mean “a much better society”, according to Angelo Salsi, Head of the LIFE and CIP Eco-innovation unit at EASME, speaking at the LIFE Platform meeting on Climate Action and the Building Sector meeting on 17 June.

Salsi congratulated the meeting host project LIFE BE REEL! for “bringing all of Belgium together” for climate–friendly buildings. The project aims at renovating more than 8 500 homes in Ghent, Antwerp, Mechelen, Mouscron and La Louvière. “We will put Belgium on the path to renovating all existing housing and achieving a 75-80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and energy use by 2050,” says project coordinator Eddy Deruwe.

The regional plan for renovation (The Flemish Renovation Pact) was developed by the Flemish Energy Agency, and EU funding from the LIFE Programme accelerated the process. “Our strategy came to life, when LIFE came to our strategy,” said Roel Vermeiren, project leader at the Flemish Energy Agency, in his address at the meeting.

To find out more, see Eddy Deruwe’s Energy Talk in the Residence Palace, Brussels at 16:30-17:00 on 20 June, at which he will present all the key findings and recommendations from the meeting.

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