CESBA Alps innovative approach and assessment of the sustainability of territories

European Member States and regions are in charge of implementing global and European strategies for sustainable development and for promoting an efficient use of resources.
How can policies be implemented at territorial level and achieve the desired results? Measures have to be applied in all sectoral policies in a multilevel governance model. The strong involvement of the communities and the stakeholders at local level are fundamental for success.

The CESBA Alps project, funded by the ERDF within the Alpine Space Programme, contributes to the improvement of the territorial sustainability and energy performance of a territory, through the development of a shared set of assessment tools and guidelines for innovative sustainability policies implementation. Through objective and measurable criteria/indicators, the evaluation tools developed by the project will be a valid support for public institutions, technical bodies and private companies in assessing the sustainability of a territory.
CESBA Alps is a project introduced by the European bottom-up initiative CESBA. CESBA's mission is to facilitate the diffusion and adoption of sustainable built environment principles among all the stakeholders through the use of harmonised assessment systems. CESBA wants to be Europe’s leading organisation for the harmonisation of built environment assessment systems.