Chris Punshon

Joined TWI in 1983 as a project leader following graduation with an Honours degree from Sheffield University in Metallurgy BMet (hons) after a brief period post-graduation 1982-83 working again as a heavy goods vehicle fitter and arable/livestock farming.
He has conducted a significant number of large and varied research programs mainly focused on the power sector as well as oil and gas and marine industries examining the relationships between materials, properties and performance in a wide range of materials and environments. For several years he was responsible for the development of advanced joining process technologies for pipelines and pressure plant seeing development from grass roots R&D to commercialisation, code approval and industrial exploitation.
His various roles within TWI since involved definition of a renewed business strategy focusing on TWI key strengths and the emerging opportunities in nuclear fusion and fission and renewable energy sectors including offshore wind, solar PV, hydro, tidal stream and feeding a childhood passion for geothermal energy.
Lately, in 2017, following a re-structuring of the business development team Chris was made responsible for the Industry Group covering Power, Materials equipment and Infrastructure with responsibility for an annual R&D budget of over £15m.


Berlaymont Wednesday 19 June14.00 - 15.30