Clean Energy Hubs to decarbonise European industry

Europe urgently needs to find a solution to achieve emissions reductions over many different sectors. One thing is certain: we need to improve energy efficiency and optimally use synergies between sectors, and this is exactly what Clean Energy Hubs do. With the help of many different technologies, Clean Energy Hubs have the potential of using unexploited synergies existing in many different industries such as energy, waste, steel, glass, chemical, and pulp and paper. Clean Energy Hubs will lead their respective industry to a decarbonised future focused on resource efficiency and with increasingly variable renewables integrated in the system. 

But how could Clean Energy Hubs practically look like? For example, a biomass based Clean Energy Hub can convert a conventional biomass power plant that already provides renewable electricity and heating into an even more integrated plant that can absorb electricity, store energy in different ways and produce renewable fuels, resulting in a significant increase of its peak capacity and achieving close to 90% efficiency. Through this method the biomass Clean Energy Hub can contribute to integrating even more renewables into the system while simultaneously decarbonising other sectors such as industry, heating and cooling and transport.

Many other potential configurations are possible, and you just have to attend the Talk to discover them in detail!


Secretary General
Energy Technologies Europe