Clean energy transition on EU islands and beyond

As climate change vulnerability and sustainable development challenges are becoming more apparent and urgent, islands around the globe are leading the way in renewable energy solutions and serve as laboratories for transformational clean energy shifts. The Commission launched the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative last year to assist and accelerate clean energy transition on islands with the aim of reducing their dependence on imported fossil fuels, overcoming energy supply constraints and curbing high energy costs. Besides potential positive environmental and economic impact, fast-tracking clean energy transition towards locally available renewable energy sources aims at creating new jobs on islands and develop communities.

This session will present the Initiative and mark the launch of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat, which will be assisting islands' stakeholders in the transition, channel and spread good practice. The session will feature a panel discussion with MEPs involved in the energy transition on Islands and it will also look into markets and technological requirements for transition and tailor-made solutions to for decarbonisation, which also promote security of supply, reduce energy import bills and lower greenhouse gas emissions.