Clean planet for all


HYDROPOWER EUROPE represents influential players in Europe’s hydropower energy sector from across the value chain.

Hydropower plays an important role today and will become even more important in the coming decades, since hydropower can be a catalyst for the energy transition in Europe.

The ambitious plan for energy transition in Europe seeks to achieve a low-carbon climate-resilient future in a safe and cost-effective way, serving as a worldwide example. The key role of electricity will be strongly reinforced in this energy transition. In many European countries, the phase out of nuclear and coal generation has started with a transition to new renewable sources comprising mainly of solar and wind for electricity generation. However, solar and wind are variable energy sources and difficult to align with demand. Hydropower already supports integration of wind and solar energy into the supply grid through flexibility in generation as well as its potential for storage capacity. These services will be in much greater demand in order to achieve the energy transition in Europe, and worldwide.

HYDROPOWER EUROPE representatives will be a proactive and interactive presence, engaging the audience to participate in the forum.

Through an extensive programme of review and consultation addressing the whole hydropower sector and stakeholders (including construction, production, environmental and social issues), the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum will provide a focal point for reviewing and developing hydropower in Europe, and subsequently European hydropower in the wider world.  Building from the extensive programme of consultation, the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum will develop a strategic Research and Innovation Agenda as well as a roadmap towards implementation of the vision.

We expect EUSEW attendees to be interested in HYDROPOWER EUROPE’s ongoing consultation processes, contributing to the development of its Research and Innovation Agenda and Strategic Industry Roadmap.