Climate Pact and Multilevel Climate and Energy Dialogues – get involved!

EUSEW2020 | Day 1 | Climate Pact and Multilevel Climate and Energy Dialogues – get involved!

This year at EU Sustainable Week, we are organising an EU-level Multilevel Climate and Energy Dialogue, discussing the European Climate Pact. The dialogue will take place between representatives from different levels of Member States administrations, the business community, investors, NGOs and citizens.

The European Climate Pact was launched for public consultation 4 March. Energy is highly relevant for the Climate pact, as production, transformation and consumption of energy is responsible for 75% of the Union’s greenhouse gas emissions. The issues to be addressed as part of the Climate Pact are closely related to the energy transition.

Under the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action, Member States shall establish a multilevel climate and energy dialogue pursuant to national rules in which local authorities, civil society organisations, business community, investors and other relevant stakeholders and the general public are able to actively engage and discuss the different scenarios envisaged for energy and climate policies, including for the long term, and review progress.

The session will provide an example and possible inspiration for interested Member States on how a dialogue session could be organised. In addition, organising an EU-level dialogue will also highlight how the Multilevel Stakeholder Dialogue can contribute to the Climate Pact.


Head EU Office
Minister for Energy, Luxembourg
Head of Unit – Adaptation
European Commission
Facilitator Circular Economy
Generation Climate Europe