COLD ENERGY: Improving efficiency in refrigeration – TURBOALGOR

Turboalgor is an Italian innovative start-up company, which owns a worldwide patent for a device that strongly reduces energy consumption of refrigeration equipment (industrial, retail and air conditioning). Turboalgor was founded at the end of 2015 and took control of many years of R&D results generated by its parent company, the Angelantoni Group. 

The name of the device is COLD ENERGY, the most effective solution worldwide for energy saving in refrigeration systems, both old and new, by transferring turbocharging technology from the automotive and industrial engine industry to energy recovery from heat exchangers. The product is a kit of heat exchangers and a turbocharger (plus other components) which compares favourably with alternative energy saving solutions. The heat exchanger, using the heat generated by the system (therefore no energy cost) produces under-pressure vapour, which feeds the turbocharger. In turn, this helps the performance of the main compressor, thus improving cooling capacity at no cost and reducing energy consumption. 

Since refrigeration energy consumption is estimated at 17% of the global energy consumption, the worldwide potential for Turboalgor is enormous. The main applications identified are retail, industrial and air conditioning. Since the energy saving is much stronger in lower-temperature applications, 1st and 2nd applications are priority.