Consumer/Citizen engagement in the energy transition


Decarbonisation is leading to fundamental change in the energy sector. As we move towards more and more localised renewable energy production there will be new opportunities for consumers and prosumers (people who are both producers and consumers) to lower their bills and become energy selfsufficient.

For example, consumers will be able to actively participate to the future energy system via energy communities or just by making their electric vehicle battery or heat pump available for flexible demand response in order to balance the electricity system, while being compensated.

However, few consumers are aware of the role they could/should play and of the potential benefits of being actively engaged in the future energy system. We believe that before engagement can be stimulated there needs to be a sense of awareness. We will engage audiences via an interactive mobile/internet application whose purpose will be to raise awareness and essentially inform/teach consumers/citizens about the energy transition, paving the way for their engagement in the energy system of the future. We will explain concepts such as energy flexibility, how consumers/citizens could participate and what the benefits could be. We will launch an online survey and quiz which attendees at the Energy Fair will be able to fill in online.

Alongside this, we believe that cities can be an important contributor in the fight against climate change. We will have a slideshow explaining the role of our Open Innovation Platform within the Horizon2020 Making City project, in particular the concept of Positive Energy Districts. This will hopefully stimulate some discussion with participants to the fair.

The Open Innovation Platform is designed to bring together ecosystems, including partners because we believe that the only way to achieve the goal of a clean planet is to collaborate. The potential use cases of such a platform are so wide ranging that it enables a holistic approach to be used when capturing data from objects in the field (whether meters or wind turbines or street lights or dustbins...). The real value of data in the IoT world will come from the mixing/enrichment of data from various sources in order to deliver real added value to citizens, communities, organisations, municipalities and governments.