Cooling down Europe’s heating system

The session will address the challenge of decarbonising domestic heat production, still widely relying on fossil fuels, and discuss how ecodesign and energy labelling regulations can play an instrumental role in this transition. We will touch upon the very specific topic of heating appliances and technologies, as well the determinants and impact of purchasing decisions. We will also be linking to a broader perspective on the renovation wave, energy infrastructure, wide-scale electrification and the role of gas.

Speakers from the EU Parliament, DG ENER, Member State authorities as well as industry and a climate change think tank will share their views on the topic, and spark up a discussion with the audience. 

9.00 Introduction - Jeremy Wates, Secretary-General, EEB
9.10 The expectations on the Renovation Wave from the Parliament - Jutta Paulus, MEP
9.25 Why we should go for electrification and not hydrogen in heating - Jan Rosenow, RAP
9.40 The Netherlands' phase-out of fossil fuels in heating - Hans Paul Siderius, Expert at NEA
9.50 How Ecodesign and Energy Labelling can phase-out fossil fuels - Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE
10.00 Questions & Answers


Elected Member
European Parliament
Secretary General
Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Director, European Programmes
Regulatory Assistance Project