Corporate sourcing of renewables: the case for SMEs and supply chains

 Corporate sourcing of renewables can add significant jobs and economic value to the EU, but so far the share of renewable power purchased by companies is only a small share of newly installed renewable energy projects in any given year. Whilst IT companies, pharmaceuticals, food and drink giants and energy intensives are increasing purchasing renewables, a recent survey shows that corporate sourcing by small and medium sized businesses are more limited.

This event will focus on the following questions:

  • What is preventing SMEs from sourcing more renewable energy?
  • What are the different options and models available to SMEs, and what are the policy barriers that are preventing their roll-out?
  • What can policy makers at a national level do to facilitate the corporate sourcing of renewables?


The event is organised by EUROCHAMBRES and the RE-Source Platform, a European alliance of stakeholders representing clean energy buyers and suppliers to promote corporate renewable energy sourcing. This event will look at how European policy-makers can support the industry's objective to move from 100 to 100,000 corporate buyers in the European market.

European and national legislators now have to put in practice the rules carved out in the reformed Renewable Energy Directive and Electricity Market Rules. SMEs stand ready to bring the energy transition forward by investing in renewable energy.


Deputy CEO
SolarPower Europe
Corporate Sustainability Associate
Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Head of Unit for "Renewables and CCS policy"
European Commission, DG Energy
Policy Advisor for Energy and Environment
DS Textile Platform
Energy Attaché
Permanent Representation of Italy to the EU