CROSSBOW Horizon 2020: clean energy across Europe


CROSSBOW project, funded by the Horizon 2002 programme, is currently one of the most relevant innovation projects of the European Union in the Smart Grids sector. The project proposes the shared use of resources to foster cross-border management of variable renewable energies and storage units, enabling a higher penetration of clean energies whilst reducing network operational costs and improving economic benefits. Those will be achieved by fostering regional cooperation among the system operators in South Eastern Europe. The project will provide 9 tools to help the Regional Coordination Center to facilitate higher RES penetration, whilst reducing operational costs for individual operators. The impact of those products will be demonstrated by 8 TSOs through 9 high level use cases (HLU) applied in large scale demonstrators.


Visitors could find out further information about CROSSBOW developments and results thanks to its project coordinator and partners of the consortium, but also through interactive elements like videos, promotional materials, real demos of some of its products like the Regional RES Control Centre, an interactive quiz… and much more.




Project Coordinator
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