Daniel Becker

Daniel Becker is Managing Partner at Ecofys. He is an expert on international market conditions and support schemes for renewable energies and energy efficiency. After completing his studies in economy and political science in 1998, he worked as an energy expert for the German Bundestag, Green Party Parliamentary Group. From 2001 - 2005, he worked for the German Federal State Energy Agency as the manager of the German Federal Governments export promotion programme for renewable energies. Since 2006, Daniel Becker has been working for  Ecofys Berlin where he is leading a team on international market analysis, business and policy advisory. He was involved in numerous international projects on RE and EE support mechanisms and international market conditions and promotional schemes for renewable energies and energy efficiency, same as on network approaches for strengthening international activities of renewable energy companies. He is currently, among others, doing consultancy work for the German Federal Government and the EU Commission on the design and evaluation of support mechanisms for RE and EE.